Lusaka Securities Exchange (LuSE)

Debt Securities

These are Fixed-Income securities that give Investors fixed interest payments over a period with the principal invested amount returned at maturity.

Corporate Bond

Issuance of Bonds by corporate companies for purposes relating to a company’s strategic objective. The bonds provide capital in exchange for a series of interest payments to the bondholder.

Government Bond

Government Bonds are a fixed income instrument issued by a government to support government spending and obligations. Issuance of these bonds by the Government of The Republic of Zambia are facilitated by the Bank of Zambia. For more information on government bonds, visit the Bank of Zambia website.

Green Bond

A green bond is a type of debt issued by public or private institutions to finance themselves and, unlike other credit instruments, they commit the use of the funds obtained to an environmental project or one related to climate change. Issuers of Green bonds may be corporate entities or Government that raise capital through debt and must adhere to the Bond Listing Rules for a Green Bond as well as Guidelines issued by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).