Lusaka Securities Exchange (LuSE)

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For 30 years now the Lusaka Securities Exchange Plc (LuSE) has helped businesses, large and small to have access to sustainable financing for expansion and working capital solutions. Raising money for your company on the securities exchange not only provides financial resources but also generates publicity and enhances your business’ credibility. Further, you enhance your opportunities to receive additional media coverage from both LuSE and market analysts. The LuSE will provide ongoing training assistance around listing and ongoing obligations, Corporate Governance and on transformational leadership. By coming to the LuSE you can choose to sell either shares (or equity) or bonds, and to list the securities on either the main market or the Alternative Market (Alt-M). 


Shares are equity securities, so buyers of shares that a company issues, become co-owners, and provide long-term funding. In return, the investors (buyers of the shares) want to see the share price increase and/or receive dividends as the company grows and develops.


Bonds are debt securities. They let you raise money for a company without diluting its ownership, but they compel you to repay the investors. In offering bonds, a company has control over the terms, including the amount, repayment date, interest payments, and so on.

Equity Securities Market

You can raise funds by issuing shares of ownership to the investors in return for cash.

Debt Securities

These are Fixed-Income securities that give Investors fixed interest payments over a period with the principal invested amount returned at maturity.

GEM Portal

The GEM Portal is an Online portal that allows Small and Medium sized enterprises to apply for Equity or Debt funding by registering their company details and performance.

Listing Fees

You can raise funds by issuing shares of ownership to the investors in return for cash.

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