Lusaka Securities Exchange (LuSE)

Lusaka Clearing & Settlement Agency

Establishment of the Lusaka Clearing and Settlement Agency (LCSA)

The Lusaka Clearing and Settlement Agency (LCSA) was established in 2020 by the Lusaka Securities Exchange Plc (LuSE) as part of a strategy to serve the market in a more efficient and effective manner. The LCSA is an entity that provides depository services that include automated delivery, clearing and settlement services. Services include the creation and management of investor and custodial accounts at beneficial owner level, facilitating secure and efficient transactions in the capital markets and other depository related services. Clearing and settlement agencies are regulated under the Securities Act, which provides a legal framework to support their operations.

LCSA is a crucial player in fostering market integrity and lowering counterparty risks within the capital market. Through the operation of its CSD platforms the LCSA can effectively carry out its key role of being the settlement agent for secondary trading of Government Bonds, Corporate Bonds and Equity. The LCSA brand name will be supported by the brand name LuSE which has been in the market for over 30 years